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Hello! I'm Jayanti


I'm an education enthusiast - eager to provide engaging and holistic learning opportunities to all learners by reimagining the future of education. I’m passionate about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) or the “whole” child development to prepare learners for life. I'm equally excited about enhancing learner skills and success by harnessing the power of data and technology, or investigating and disseminating effective strategies for strengthening our education systems to prepare learners for facing the unknown. I believe that teachers are at the heart of this work and are the drivers of successful education systems.


In the past ten years, my self-fueled passion drove me to lead many initiatives for children in slums, learning centers for migrants, and low-cost private schools in India. Business Operations, Consulting, and Technology, at the same time, has empowered me to use my skills interchangeably, and simultaneously see the bigger picture and intricacies of ground projects. I've worked on the development and management of initiatives, projects, products, and programs touching the spheres of education and healthcare across Europe, India, the United States, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

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Jayanti Bhatia






I've worked closely with stakeholders and leadership teams on program design, implementation, and management for making a positive impact on children’s cognitive and socio-emotional skills. This includes programs for teachers.


For instance, over four years as the program lead of national drives for child rights advocacy at Child Rights and You, I contributed to expanding the program reach. At ZS, I revamped our engagement with the partner organization (NeeV) from intermittent support to bi-weekly life skills and academic modules for middle and high-schoolers. At HGSE, I designed an SEL intervention and its evaluation plan, including design and measurement, to support preschoolers’ socio-emotional well-being and build positive parent-child relationships for families experiencing homelessness.


I've worked with several schools and school districts to redesign their programming to meet student needs and to incorporate student voices. For one, I designed a framework to define the north star for their project-based learning curriculum and a set of enabling conditions to achieve the program goals as they built the plane as they flew it. For another, I, along with my team, proposed recommendations to enhance the quality of and access to after-school programming. 


All my projects have involved a common thread of understanding best practices from the existing literature, coordinating with stakeholders and partners to understand their challenges, and performing a needs assessment before designing solutions and proposing recommendations. 


I'm working as an Education Consultant with The World Bank Education Global Practice. Previously, I've worked as a consultant to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Zimbabwe, for a policy research proposal on examining improvement areas in the competency-based primary and secondary curriculum to achieve the desired learning outcomes. I led the secondary research on teacher professional development, and along with my team, proposed a series of recommendations grounded in evidence from the in-country research. 


I'm well-versed with qualitative techniques such as interviews, focus groups, and observations to carve out user requirements, and am also comfortable distilling and communicating complex quantitative and analytical insights.


While pursuing my masters at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of incredible education consulting, research, and design projects that have allowed me to grow. I hope you’ll enjoy viewing my projects as much as I enjoyed working on them. Go ahead and explore, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more.

Parents and Children: Learning Together - PAC Intervention

Taking an asset-based approach, Parents and Children: Learning Together (PAC) supports preschool-age children and caregivers experiencing homelessness in increasing knowledge of child development and parenting strategies, building positive family relationships, coping with stress, and supporting children’s social and emotional well-being. PAC is a ten-session, two-generation parent-child education intervention with three main components: training for parents, a parallel play component for children, and a parent-child dyad coaching component.

Project-Based Learning Framework and Enabling Conditions

This framework was designed for a high school in Massachusetts to define the north star for its project-based learning curriculum and a set of enabling conditions to achieve it while they built the plane as they flew it.

 PIC Your Impulses - Playful Interactions to Control your Impulses 

PIC your Impulses – Playful Interactions to Control your Impulses (PIC) is a strategy designed to address one of the many key issues faced by preschool children (3-6 years old) and their primary caregivers while experiencing homelessness. It focuses on building self-regulation, impulse control in particular, and is embedded within a 10-week parent training and coaching PAC intervention for families experiencing homelessness.

Examine Improvement Areas in Zimbabwean Syllabi

As a consultant to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Zimbabwe, our team examined the improvement areas in its competency-based primary and secondary syllabus to achieve the desired learning outcomes. Discussions with the Ministry led us to three research areas of curriculum and syllabi alignment; teacher professional development; and learning area suggestions based on assessment insights. The recommendation report is not yet public but our recent book chapter summarizes the reform.

Somerville Public Schools: Out-of-School Time Programs

This paper discusses the role and importance of “Out-of-school time” programs, as well as the current provision of these programs in Somerville. We review the potential gap in current OST offerings in Somerville and distill from the available literature the characteristics of quality OST programs and challenges of expanding access. We present three case studies of successful OST programs in Los Angeles, Singapore, and Grand Rapids, and identify useful takeaways from these case studies for Somerville Public Schools.

The World Bank


Consultant | Education Global Practice

Program Management, Evidence Building, and Technical Writing

Thematic Areas: Teacher Professional Development and Safe Schools 

Harvard Graduate School of Education


Ed.M. | International Education Policy

Harvard Ministerial Leadership Research Program, Zimbabwe

Graduate Research Assistant at The Ecological Approaches to Social Emotional Learning (EASEL) Laboratory

Graduate Intern at Learning Innovations Laboratory (LILA), Project Zero

History Diaries


Outreach and Relations

Co-Lead Partnerships

ZS/NeeV Learning Center


CSR Lead | Education Program Manager & Partnerships 

Program Design and Management, Partner Engagement, Funding Proposals, and Milestone Tracking 



Business Operations Consultant

Project Management, Product Management, Client Engagement, Operations, and Data Analysis

Operational Excellence Leader

Quality Ambassador

American Society for Quality Certified Six Sigma Green Belt 

Child Rights and You (CRY)


Dakshinpuri Community | Lead Volunteer

Community Engagement, Program Implementation and Management, National Awareness Campaigns, and Qualitative Research

University of Delhi, Hindu College


B.Sc.(Honors) | Physics

Physics Department Editorial Team Manager


STATA - Intermediary

Tableau - Intermediary

Excel - Advanced

PowerPoint - Advanced

Oracle SQL - Advanced

Qualtrics - Advanced

Access - Advanced

Spanish - Elementary

Agile Methodologies - Intermediary

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“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”

John Dewey